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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  September 27, 2010 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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battered women medical care and the right to divorce abusers. he wants to force women to bear the child. hands off our bodies and our laws. >> shou that for a message? it might bring women to the polls. historically their party holds the advantage among women. as politico reports, the gop is benefiting for a surge of loyal men. they could make the difference in the mid-terms. to counter that, democrats are looking to get minority voters who are crucial to president obama's win and looking for young voters. president obama is heading to the heartland with a rally at the university of wisconsin in madison and asking if the republican leadership is really doing what's best for the country. >> who is putting forward policy who is have a chance to move our country forward so the schools improve and we have world class infrastructure and who is just engaging in the rhetoric.
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if that debate is taking place over the next five weeks, we will do just fine. >> that are part of the interview with the live chat with the education nation. the plaza set up at 30 rock. i talk with the head of the national education association. there it is. let's go to msnbc analyst richard world, the author of renegade, the making of a president. the president is taking his rally to uw madison with 40,000 students there. do you think college students really could make a difference between democrats winning and losing the mid-term elections? >> all turn out will make a difference here. remember when you look back at the kind of result they got in 2008, if it were a normal electorate in the presidential election, the result would have been tie and obama won by six points because minorities showed up and young people showed up in unprecedented numbers. it will be incredibly hard to
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repeat, but if they pump it up a point or two, the results will look different. the house is on a knife edge and it's turning in the republican direction. >> let me show you gallup numbers about who is paying attention. young adults were paying attention in 2008, 75% and now 19%. older adults, 87% and now 42%. a drop off, but big among the young adults. how do you democrats try to change that? >> for always happens in mid-terms and happened this time around because they were so actively involved. there is no barack obama on the ballot now. they have to talk about things they care about which is education which is being able to stay on their parents's health care policy. these are the thing that is when candidates talk about it, they go crazy for it. they have to fire them up. it's different getting them to rally than getting them to the
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polls for a bunch of folks they don't even know the names of. good to talk to you. >> stay with us throughout the day for more of education nation. it's our week long look at the nation's schools. jenna bush hager will talk about seed schools and the impact they have on inner city students. my big question, who is to blame for the problems in schools? the government, teachers, unions or parents? you can find me on twitter, facebook or e-mail. democrats also hope the surge of the tea party will fire up their own core voters. contributor jonathan cape heart is an editorial writer. we see the big rallies and tea party conservative rallies. john stewart and stephen colbert planning their own counter rallies. when you see that enthusiasm on the conservative side, does it
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ignite passion in the progressives? >> i think progressives in particular and speaker pelosi and harry reid hope that's the case, but the progressives are in a bit of a danger here in caricaturing the tea party rallies. it's terrific that they are going to have counter rallies and the key word is satyrical. there is nothing about the tea party rallies. the things they are protesting are by and large very real and concerning. deficits and the country. if john stewart and stephen colbert cannot tap into progressive enthusiasm for the democrats and this administration in a positive agenda trying to support the president, it could backfire is the point i'm trying to make.
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>> the interesting thing siget these messages from people who say i'm moderate and i'm passionate and fired up and i will go to the polls. don't let them show you it's only the people who are angry at obama and yet the polls do show when it comes to enthusiasm, people are more motivated by anger than affection for progressive policy for the president or what the democrats have done in congress. yet we are seeing movement in areas. if you look at the race for california's governor here, jerry brown, the attorney general is leading now with 49% of the support and meg whitman who poured $119 million of her own money into her race has fallen now behind. not by a great deal. if you look at the margin of error, it's not as though -- >> they are tied. >> you are seeing him ahead. >> right. the mid-term elections are fun and interesting for us, but what
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do we have? about four or weeks left? it's an eternity. the numbers bounce up and down in favor of the democrat or the republican between now and november 2nd. as we know and we have been reporting all year, the enthusiasm gap between republicans and democrats has been great this entire time. they have been good about and bolstered by the tea party movement and the democrats turn out as richard said, if the democrats and progressives can get the first time voters and people of color out to the polls by even one point greater than the last mid-term elections, things can be different. >> in california and the senate race, senator barbara boxer is beating her republican opponent in the polls to 43%. the research shows in california the negative ads are having an
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effect that people see the republican candidates are less than trustworthy. they don't seem to like them. appreciate your time. mega church pastor eddie long is comparing himself to david in a fight against goliath. in this case it is four young men accusing the pastor of using his power and position to lure them into sexual relationships. yesterday's services he broke his silence about the scandal that rocked the baptist church. >> i am not the man that is being portrayed on the television. that's not me. that is not me. >> i am note a perfect man. but this thing i'm going to fight. i feel like david against goliath. i got five rocks and i haven't thrown one yet. >> there was the message, but
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long never talked about the specifics of the claims against him. he never flatly denied the allegations and the reaction from the folks there at the service was mixed. >> he really never said anything specific about the situation. he just said that you meet challenges and you stand up to adversity and he is going to stand tall. >> seemed like he avoided the subject. >> he made it clear he had been through many things, but this thing right here is not him. >> i'm very satisfied with what i heard. he is a human being. we all are. i don't believe that this is really going to be over until everything comes out. >> he promised he will be back in the pulpit next week. a special cage will help rescue the trapped miners in chile. they cheered when the cage
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arrived. they will pull them to safety when the shaft is big enough. the hole is big enough to give them the comforts of home. they can sleep on cots and talk with families on a video phone and watch movies. they want easier access to e-mails in order to track criminals and terrorists. increased online communication rather than by telephone made it harder to wire tap suspects. the bill would require blackberry, facebook and skype to redesign the software so fbi officials can react on a wire tap order. communication is difficult to intercept because they are not routed through a central hub. southwest airlines plans to buy air trend giving the airlines a bigger share of the market. the deal continues and the airline industry's trend towards consolidation. if approved it would coming to n 2010. we are expecting a couple of reports on the economy.
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the big ones is out tomorrow. a new report from zilo shows a third of americans won't qualify for a mortgage because of credit scores despite record low interest rates. home ownership and the american dream may be out of reach for many struggling families. look at the dow jones down 25 points and the s&p down almost four and the nasdaq dropped seven points on the day. the swollen river pushing a key levee to limits and at least one town. we will give you the details and the final scary moments of an emergency landing from the plane. the stunning orders from the flight attendant. we will hear from one of the passengers on board. and a live look at the plaza in new york city this week. a hard look at the country's school system as part of education nation. the president of the national education association as well as former teacher and former first
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a wisconsin town is stranded under water. despite the evacuation warnings, dozens of residents choosing to stay in their homes. flooding from last week's heavy rain is pushing the levee to the brink of failure. one resident waited too long and had to be rescued. >> this time we will come and get you in a boat. we want to help them. >> wisconsin and minnesota were doused last week. a south florida bank is open after a dramatic robbery.
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three armed men at a basic of america strapped explosives and forced him to help in the heist. the crooks made off with more than $100,000. police found the red mustang and they are combing it for clues. the robbers are still at large. >> butting heads with authorities as they try to save individuals from dying in the desert. they illegally left jugs of water for people crossing the border. cops handed out tickets and the federal government said 50,000 gallon drugs of water are permitted, but single gallon jugs are still illegal. many died trying to cross002 to. a landmark decision for gays. a judge reinstated a nurse
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dismissed. major margaret wit is the air force officer at the center of the case and sarah is the head trial attorney. good to see you both. >> good to see you and thank you for having us on. >> first, margaret, can you hear me now? major? >> yes, i can. >> me what's ahead for to you become this pivotal case that you are representative of so many people who have been forced out of the military because of their sexual orientation and have a judge say the air force must reinstate you. what does it mean for your career? >> gi back as soon as possible and do the job i trained over half of my life to do. now is the time. i haven't been there for the last six years. i'm ready. >> you were discharged in 2007. this has been a long battle coming. did you ever think about just giving up the fight and focusing on a career in the private
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sector? >> i have always had a career in the private sector as well, but no, i never thought once about giving up the fight. there is over 13,000 people discharged because of this. if i have the opportunity which thankfully i do with the team and the aclu, there is no way i would give up the fight. >> the judge said you were an integral member of an effective team and this was a dim in addition of the unit's ability to carry out a mission. in tens of thousands of other cases it might be hard to make the case. what does this case do for those who are also looking at an end to their military career because of information that got to the military? >> certainly for service members who are living in the geographic
12:18 pm
region of the ninth circuit, they will have the opportunity rather than just being discharged immediately. if they choose, they will have the opportunity to go to court and show that in fact their sexual orientation had no effect. no negative impact on their unit or the military's ability to do its mission or do its job. it is an incredible ruling. we hope that other service members around the country who are facing discharge under don't ask don't tell will seek to challenge the dismissal. >> given that the republicans have blocked repeal of don't ask don't tell, when you go back to work, do you anticipate being embraced with open arms? >> i do. the people have been behind me 100%. the most recent statistics were like 65,000 people that are
12:19 pm
serving every day. all we want to do is our job. i that they will welcome me back. >> do you know you will be back on the job for air force? >> no,i don't, but i'm ready. >> major margaret and sarah dunn, thank you, ladies. >> thank you very much, contessa. >> imagine ok board a plane and forced to make an emergency landing while a flight attendant is screaming at you to get down and stay down. you will hear about a heart stopping experience. hot on the web, some of the most viewed stories, segue company owner rode a scooter off a cliff and died. he was riding a rugged country version of the segue near his estate and fell off the cliff into a river. he bought the company from his american owner less than a year
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nbc universal focuses on the problems facing america's schools and how we fix them. a "wall street journal" poll shows where people put the blame. 53% blame-elected officials and 41% site teacher's unions and 30% say teachers.
12:24 pm
matt lauer asked president obama whether he sees teacher's unions as a problem. >> i'm a strong supporter of the notion that a union can protect members and sometimes that means they are resistant to change when things are not working. >> the president of the 3.2 member of the national education association. the president said look. if you have a third of your students dropping out, you can't go in and defend the status quo. do you think that's what unions do? >> i totally agree with the president. we should not accept the status quo. one third of our students or 25% or so don't graduate. we need to change that. >> you pointed out cases where unions are working with school districts to try to overhaul the school systems. how is that working. >> excellent. i can name where they are
12:25 pm
working with officials. the administration, school board and they sit downing to and reach out and say together, let's decide how to change this for students in our district. >> there is a documentary out wait figure are super man that seems to put a lot of blame on unions for demanding a cap on charter schools so therefore when parents want their kids in the innovative schools that are performing better, it's up to a lot of defying the future of the students. are you against charter schools? >> we're support the concept and the idea was to incubate new ideas and build that into the system. that isn't really how it's developed. the point that the movie makes and they mentioned that the lotliry is a way of describing that american education should not be a lottery for students. every student deserves a great public school in the neighborhood. >> what are do you make of the
12:26 pm
bottom five performing schools that control of those failing schools be given to charter schools? >> i don't think charter school say single answer. out of five of them are not. how do we change the schools? >> i wanted to ask you about one of the president's proposals to lengthen the school year. would the union support that. >> in many districts it's already happening. in ohio they passed reform and planned on adding. >> what are if it was significant? >> they are talking about adding up to 20 days that. is probably a decision made at the state level versus at the federal level because of the complex educational system we have. >> are you confident these are problems that can be fixed? >> absolutely. it is a complex system. we had a federal government that doesn't pay a high percentage of funds. they do have programs that really can partner with states.
12:27 pm
mat j majority of 15,000 school districts, we need to bring them to a table and have a conversation and do this together. >> i appreciate your enthusiasm. >> i was a high school math teacher for 23 years. >> that's a job. >> my students were not always enthused about math, but it was my job to make it that way. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> stay with us throughout the day for more of education nation. teacher and former first daughter jenna bush hager joins us and talks about whether seed schools are the key to helping inner city students. we'll be right back. workers who lost their jobs to the spill. i'm iris cross. we'll keep restoring the jobs, tourist beaches, and businesses impacted by the spill. we've paid over $400 million in claims and set up a $20 billion independently-run claims fund. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here.
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welcome back, everybody. tax cuts on hold it appears and lawmakers the not vote to extend tax cuts until after the mid-term elections. in an exclusive, the president insisted the tax cuts be extended for everyone but the wealthiest americans and accuses
12:31 pm
republicans of not being serious when it comes to getting the financial ship in order. >> what i see out of the republican leadership over the last several years has been a set of policies that are just irresponsible. we saw in the pledge to america a similar set of irresponsibility policies and they propose four trillion worth of tax cuts and $16 billion in spending cuts and say we will somehow magically balance the budget. that's not a serious approach. >> republicans demand democrats schedule a vote to extend the tax cuts before lawmakers go on recess. the democrats are accusing republicans are tying things up in the senate. >> in the battle in the desert, harry reid is tied with tea party candidate sharon angle running as a republican. the latest survey fines angle tied reed at 43%. 8% undecided.
12:32 pm
she is blaming him for the state's battered economy. he is painting angle as a conservative who dismantles medicare. he signed social security into law 75 years ago. what do you think your grandfather would think of sharon angle's ideas? >> i think my grandfather would have spoken clearly as he did against the opponents of social security and other parts of the new deal program. he would have called it what it is. it's trying to put in tax cuts for the wealthy and dismannedled social security for every working person who worked hard and paid into it. >> for it were to be privatized, what's wrong with letting people take responsibility for their futures? >> president george w. bush tried to privatize social security in 2005. every state he spoke in, people
12:33 pm
heard what he said and turned against privatizing it. think where we would be today if we had put all of our social security money into the stock market in 2005. people would be facing starvation as they did prior to social security in 1935. >> let me ask you about where things stand. jobs continue to be the big issue, one of the defining issues of this election season. we are notty growing jobs fast enough. back when your grandfather was taking over, when he first conceived of the conservation corps that eleanor roosevelt had to stop and say you can't just take the city workers and send them out in the middle of nowhere. you have to be smarter about the way you put people to work. what do you think they would have to say about the way president obama has put people to work. >> in a very different economy in the 1930s, we did put people to work in lots of ways. my mother's brother was in the
12:34 pm
conservation corps and many writers and artists, but architects and builders were involved in the new deal programs. i think he would say we needed to do the important things like health care to get this country on the right track for the long-term. he also would support a very strong stimulus. >> this issue of tax cuts, republicans say they won't pass middle class tax cuts unless they extend the cuts to the healthiest americans as well. it has to do with job creation. what's your take? >> we have the deficit that we have because of the unpaid for tax cuts enacted to favor the wealthy during the bush administration. we need to go back to a sensible policy that we had in the most prosperous times under the clinton administration where people pay fair taxes and get the services they need. >> by the way i should mention the research shows that under
12:35 pm
the bush era tax cuts we have seen the slowest growth since your grandfather's era and postwar america. there you have it. good to see you. appreciate your time. >> great to see you. thank you. >> caught on camera, persons bracing for impact in an emergency landing. home video shows what it was like aboard a jetliner when the landing gear wouldn't come down. a camera had to improvise. that plane was landing in jfk from new york comeing for atlanta. all 60 passengers are okay. some are calling the captain the next sully who safely landed the plane on the hudson river. here's one of the passengers and what they had to say. >> here knew his job and did it well and really took care of us. he did a wonderful awesome job. we were all very grateful for what he did and how he and the
12:36 pm
crew really took care of all the passengers. i would give him a huge round of applause. >> the flight attendants were yelling get down, stay down. it showed the passengers on the runway and got a lot of applause for the pilot and thanked him for getting them there safely. >> a 20-year-old college stay tuned hit a guardrail and here's what the suv looked like. the guardrail went through the chevy suburban. he was driving from washington state to idaho and they were surprised no one was killed in the accident. she is out of jail and lindsay lohan may be working on rehabbing her image. she tweeted about visiting a homeless shelter yesterday. what a great place the dream center is here in l.a. had a nice time there today. it's so important to give back. i feel blessed. we have a psychologist and
12:37 pm
contributor to health if you are an addict, can doing something for others, here she is getting to see a homeless shelter and a lot of people end up there because of addiction s. there a medical or psychological benefit for her being there? >> absolutely. you get out of your own selfishness and when you start giving back to others, it starts introducing your humanity back. what it is that you can be instead of using society, you actually give more of yourself t. humbles you and the point thaw made right at the beginning is a fantastic point. a lot of people who are on drugs seriously on drugs end up in homeless shelters. she can see her possible future. >> her mom has been there, but one of the people who is going on national television saying lindsay doesn't have a drug problem. has that got to change? >> that are absolutely has to
12:38 pm
change. what the mom has done is enabled in many ways this dependenceo drugs and alcohol by looking the other way. lindsay is saying if mom says it's okay, it's got to be okay and i'm using drugs, but she is a serious addict. >> i know you are not treating her, but what should does she need in a rehab? >> she has to get away from designer rehab. she has to hit rock bottom which we hope is happening now, but she has to be in for a couple of months, maybe at least two or three months, a live in rehab and then she has to have the aftercare and the old saying, people, places and things. stay away from the hollywood life. take a break and continue with the 12-step program. >> "saturday night live" back doing what they do best poking fun at the stories of the past week. in case you missed it, here's snl highlights with a spoof of
12:39 pm
christine o'donnell and katy perry's t-shirt. >> in college i burned somebody's house down. >> arson? >> yes, but not for money. for revenge. >> thanks for coming in. >> thanks for having me. it's my pleasure. good seeing you guys. >> good luck. >> thanks. >> working in albany is just like watching "saturday night live." there a lot of characters and it's funny for 10 minutes and then you want it to be over. >> i see you are still sporting the beard. >> yes, i am. >> i shaved that off a year ago. are you blind? >> what the hell happened to your shird? >> looks like "today" show is brought to you by the number 38 and the letter double d. >> i want to point out katy perry got in hot water where
12:40 pm
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♪ [ male announcer ] we touch a lot of things throughout the day. so it's nice that clorox disinfecting products help kill the germs that can live on surfaces for up to 48 hours. ♪ feels sweet when i can touch you ♪ we have breaking news coming in to us now. a senator accused of seng sexually suggestive particulars, a prosecutor to domestic violence vehicles is going to resign by october 8th according to an attorney involved in the case. ken krats said he would not resign from his job as district attorney and a prosecutor, but he would go on medical leave to seek treatment. at least five women have accused
12:44 pm
him of sending them inappropriate text messages and an attorney said that prosecutor is going to resign by october 8th. brutal war crimes including killing civilians and keeping body parts as war trophies. some of the charges facing army specialist jeremy moore lock from wasilla, alaska a. he is charged with crimes in afghanistan and a tribunal will decide if his case proceeds to court marshall. he used prescription drugs including anti-depressants during his combat tour in afghanistan which saw fightings and bombings as part of the explanation the attorney is giving. taliban strongholds under attack in afghanistan tops the world view. forces topped afghanistan positions as part of operation dragon strike which began saturday. in eastern afghanistan and pakistan, nato helicopters launched air strikes killing
12:45 pm
more than 50 militants that led to a protest. the u.s. launched a criminal investigation of hamid karzai's brother suspected of corruption. prosecutors weigh charges of tax evasion, extortion and racketeering. allies won a strong majority in congress, but lost the 2/3 necessary. elections were held yesterday. chavez hailed it as a solid victory. the mayor of one settlement said bank are reluctant to commit because they are afraid construction will be stopped again. israeli prime minister is asking to tone down the celebrations over the expiration of the ban. palestinians believe new construction will likely hurt the peace process. the u.s. said they ares a d
12:46 pm
pointed by the decision to allow the partial moratorium to expire. the palestinian president abbas will wait a week before deciding whether to quit the peace talks. netanyahu urged them to continue negotiations. newish settlers resisted netanyahu's pleas. martin fletcher joins us now. how problematic is the expiration of the moratorium, the celebrations that happened and quite frankly the conditioned construction of the settlements? >> it's very proper attic. they said all the time they will not continue if the israelis end the freeze on settlement. they have gone ahead and they have ended the freeze and as you said, settlers are beginning to build and celebrate the building. now they have a problem. now to continue the peace
12:47 pm
negotiations. what happened is he has dodged a bullet and decided not decide for another week. >> i want to mention that you have written this book about your experiences. walking through israel and talking about searching for the real answers to a problem that has been plaguing this area for more than 50 years. when you are looking at building settlements or committing to a peace process, it seems like it should be not that difficult of a problem. if you will stop building settlements, if you submit to a two-say the solution, there will be peace. what's standing in the way. >> i hear from your question, the genuine amusement at why is this taking so long and going on for so many decades. agreement is pretty much reached in terms of what a likely peace agreement will be. either side has the leaders are are willing to go ahead and take those tough decisions needed.
12:48 pm
the trouble is the palestinian leader does not have the support of most palestinians at the moment. if there was an agreement, you would get the support. netanyahu is concerned that if he goes too far ahead, the government will collapse. there is always a problem of the moment that gets in the way of the big question. the settlements, the idea that building a few more homes in the west bank will stop the peace process. it's redickulous. >> before i make a decision on whether to continue the peace negotiations, how is the arab likely to advise him in. >> they will say go ahead and move forward and don't leave. they are more important and the arab league is in saudi arabia, egypt and jordan and under big pressure from the united states to give the advice to the palestinian leader. that's what he wants. he wants the fig leaf telling
12:49 pm
him to go ahead. >> let me mention the title of your book. it's called walking israel, a search for the soul of a nation. the perspective that you have given nbc about the process that is happening in the mideast. >> thank you very much. >> in three minutes, education nation and a look at seed schools. i am talking with jenna bush hager who happens to be the daughter of former president bush. maybe you want school kids to have more exposure to the arts. maybe you want to provide meals for the needy. or maybe you want to help when the unexpected happens. whatever you want to do, members project from american express can help you take the first step. vote, volunteer, or donate for the causes you believe in at take charge of making a difference.
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education nation now. a new nbc "wall street journal" poll shows more american believes schools are not making the grade. a combined 70% gave schools a c or a d and 19% gave schools an a or a b. president obama said more classroom time might help
12:53 pm
schools. i think we should have longer school years. we now have our kids go to school about a month less than most other advanced countries. that month makes a difference. >> this week at education plaza at 30 rock, nbc news is bringing teachers, executives and union leaders. my guest, first daughter jenna bush hager is a teacher and you are teaching at a seed school. can you describe what ha that is? >> i teach at the seed school of mareland, a public boarding school. longer hours like what president obama said. longer hours. the two guys went to boarding school and this doesn't need to exist for rich people. a boring school, a rigorous college prep school needs to be available for everyone. >> hour young do they start at these schools? >> i taught sixth great english before i started working here at
12:54 pm
nbc and i'm a reading specialist with sixth, seventh and 8th grade students women have kids reading at the first grade level. >> the union president was here and he said i just can't imagine sending children that young away from home. not in my family, but maybe for some families. are there certain family situation where is it calls for this boring school situation? >> of course. all of the kids that go to our school must be disadvantaged or at risk. we have 99% free and reduced lunch kids. many of the kids have parent who is are incarcerated and mainly have parents that care. they want their kids to go to college. they know this choice, the seed school that isn't everywhere, but is in d.c. and maryland and currently spreading can give their kids an opportunity that they may not have had. >> do you have a situation now, jenna, where you have so many
12:55 pm
applicants that there is not enough room? >> yes. and that's heart breaking to watch. obviously with the lotteries for parents who are sitting with their kids yelling out my baby is going to college next to a parent whose child doesn't get in. >> what are does it say about society at large where these schools are necessary? it's necessary to have kids and give kids an opportunity not to be at home with their families. >> that's hard, but a lot of our parents work two, three, four jobs and going through a hard time. when your parents are not home until 10:00 or 11:00 at night, a lot of areas where my kids come from are areas are high crime. >> what an incredible opportunity and an example of ways that innovative thinking and solution-oriented thinking makes a difference. >> exactly. >> thank you very much for sharing this. >> thank you. >> that wraps up this hour. appreciate the time you spent with us. i'm chatting with wrestling
12:56 pm
superstar matt striker that the programs that wwe sponsored. a big hour ahead with andrea mitchell speaking with arny duncan and the american federation of teachers. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] at&t and blackberry have teamed up to keep your business moving. introducing the blackberry torch. at&t. rethink possible. introducing the blackberry torch. and word is people really love got our claims service.ffice gecko: 'specially the auto repair xpress. repairs are fast and they're guaranteed for as long as you own your car. boss: hey, that's great! is this your phone? gecko: yeah, 'course. boss: but...where do you put...i mean how do you...carry...
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right now, the crisis in schools. president obama tells matt lauer we all have a job to do. >> malia and sasha are great kids and great students. if you gave them a choice, they would be happy to sit in front of the tv all night every night. at some point you have to say your job right now, kid, is to learn. i'm going to check with your teachers and i'm going to make sure that you are doing your homework and you are not doing anything else until you have done your homework. >> what are the solutions? >> ultimately we need other


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